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Nepal The Ultralight Aircraft Flight

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

This is about me having a ride in an Ultralight Aircraft Flight in Nepal. First of all if you haven't been to Nepal you really should. Its a lovely place to get closer to nature, and to have an adventurous, calming trip. I took a video of myself when I took a half in hour ride in an Ultralight

aircraft flight in Nepal. Ultralight aircraft flight? Let me tell you. You sit in an open airplane the pilot at the front and the passenger behind. There is a huge thing attached right at the front which helps us steer around in the wind/sky. With a fan attached at the back, and there is the airplane part beneath your feet and till your waist, from above that there is nothing, so half of you is in the air. You must wear a grey suit, gloves, and a helmet.

It was 10 in the morning and I was at the Nepal domestic airport. First, we were not about to do it

because it was snowing, and there was a storm approaching at the snow mountains, where we were going to fly close too. But we really wanted too and the storm had taken a bit of a pause, so we did.

I sat, and it was driven to a runway, then slowly it gained speed and flew into the air. We slowly went high and high. Till a certain height we flew around. The view was mesmerizing. There was a gigantic lake with patches of land like small islands. Ahead were small buildings, and the best part was that I was surrounded with snow covered mountains. The wind blew in speed, and I was completely captured by the scenic view. I was sad when it was time to come down because the storm was close.

It was one of the greatest experiences I have ever accomplished. It is something when done will make you remember itself always. I am very eager to do it again. One of the benefits was that my fear of height dropped down like dead weight. Not many people get to experience something as beautiful as this, and I am happy to know I am one of those few people who achieved it.

Will write the next blog soon!

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(Fun fact my mami and two of my cousins are from Nepal)

Thank You!!!

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