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Singapore 🇸🇬

I recently wen to Singapore. Well I've been there twice but, I don't remember much about the first time, so I'll tell you about my second visit there. Well I went there with my parents and grandparents. We went to the Universal Studios, the cruise, and Marina Bay Sands.

We went to our hotel when we arrived, and the next day we went to universal studios. It was extremely hot, we went to a ton of roller coaters, had food, went to rides, saw some shows, and we went to an amazing water roller coaster. It was based on dinosaurs, so we went around and saw T-rex, and many more species of dinosaurs. Well they were obviously fake if you didn't know because they died because of a meteor crash many years ago. I also wanted to go to the haunted house, but it was closed. But I did go there in my first time. This roller coaster I went to, first I thought it was just a museum type of thing, but it was the mini version of 'Tornado' the scariest roller coaster. I mostly kept my eyes closed, but it was dark, and I also went in a loop. It was an Egyptian based roller coaster, so we went through a pyramid. What a plot twist it was, but it was fun.

We then travelled to the cruise, and it was big, beautiful, and we enjoyed a lot there. The cruise had more than 15 floors, a casino, and many activities for kids. There was a pool, Jacuzzis, and water slides, one water slide even went outside the ship. The food was delicious, and at the last day there was a party with the crew, and there was music, everyone danced and enjoyed. We reached our destination which was Phuket, there we went to Fantasy Island, I saw a show there, but the language was different, I remember seeing it before. On the way back our cruise had a technical problem and we arrived back to land 6 hours late than our expected time.

Then we reached Marnina Bay Sands. We stayed at the 40th floor and the rooms were gorgeous and big. That night I was extremely tired. I stood at my balcony, and it was tilted in a way so you could lie down on it, and feel that you are floating in the air. I was scared, but I knew it would be a lovely experience something I should not miss. The view was beautiful, it was dark, cold breeze, and buildings lighted up the sky, how wonderful it was. The next day I went to the famous infinite pool. I was so high at the 50th floor. The pool was long, and you could see a lot of Singapore from there. I then went to the Jacuzzi which had glass at the bottom and in the front, it was surrounded by trees, and the sun looked mesmerizing. You felt you were floating in paradise.

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My next blog is going to be going to be on Spain. You must we wondering I have already written about it, but this next bog will tell about where I went, and my experience about it.

Thank you!!!!

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