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Rajasthan The desert land 🌵 🐪 🏜

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

If you want to feel like a royal hop onto a ride to the one and only Rajasthan. The beautiful castles, the cultural food, the never ending deserts. I was four years old when I travelled to the majestic land, (Well of course I was really young so, I don't remember much, but I have my sources)(my parents are the sources.) We were four families going on an adventurous road trip. We went to Ranthambore, Bikaner, and Jeiselmer. I played with all my two cousins and three friends. First we went to Ranthambore. and there we visited Ranthambore National Park it is a national park in Rajasthan, northern India, with an area of 1,334 km2. It is named after the historic Ranthambore Fort, which lies within the park. It is a very big tiger reserve. We went for a safari at 7 in the morning. We spotted two tigers near the lake after an hour of searching then headed back.

The next day we left for Bikaner. We stayed at the Bikaner palace, and got a first hand feel of royalty. Bikaner was a real palace in which kings and queens had stayed it also starred in the Bollywood movie Khoobsurat. Now it is a heritage hotel. We stayed there for two nights. There were groups of peacocks at 7 in the morning and at around 5 in the evening. We got the rooms on the terrace. There were only four rooms on the terrace each at the corner. We all got extremely scared at night since it would become very dark. The rooms were huge and grand. At night we played card games and charades.

Then we went to Jeiselmer for two nights, we also celebrated New Year's there. We stayed at Suryagarh. It is a beautiful, grand hotel, with fabulous food. Their hospitality was at the next level. The next day we saw the Jeiselmer fort, and then we went for a desert safari. The Jesielmer fort is believed to be one of the very few "living forts" in the world. For the better part of its 800-year history, the fort was the city of Jaisalmer. The safari was extraordinary. We went up and down sand dunes at high speeds. We got out of the car, and there was wind blowing everywhere, and we could see the smaller sand dunes around us.

We went for a camel ride. I sat on the camel, and we went around the windy desert for half an hour.

The food was scrumptious.

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